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12 Tips to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

The key to crafting the perfect wedding vows? Just take it one word at a time.
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Penning your own wedding vows is no easy task — it’s like writing poetry, public speaking and having the deepest conversation of your life all at once. Putting your promises on paper is an emotional, eye-opening and often extremely memorable experience. Up for the challenge? Here’s the homework you need to do (and the questions you should ask) to make your vows perfect.

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Bad Wedding Etiquette Comebacks

Ever been faced with a wedding comment that was so inappropriate it left you tongue-tied? Among the congratulations and well-wishing, you’re bound to hear a few remarks that are rude, annoying, or flat-out appalling. Be prepared and you’ll leave them sputtering. Here are classy comebacks for thirteen unwanted wedding planning opinions.


“Are you sure you’re ready?”

Translation: Coming from an unmarried acquaintance, this sort of question is likely a projection of their own fears — they’re not in a position to make a lifelong commitment, so it’s hard to imagine that you could be.
Quick comeback: Exude confidence and leave no room for anyone to debate if you or your fiancé is in any way unprepared for what you’re getting into: “Absolutely! We are completely in love and ready to be together forever.”
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Wedding Planning: The 10 Wedding Rules You Can Break

Yes, it’s true there are a lot of traditions when it comes to weddings, but things have changed too. Here it is in black and white — those formally set-in-stone rules that just don’t hold up anymore (despite what the ‘rents say).

1 / 10

Old School Rule #1: The bride’s parents pay for the wedding.
New Rule:
Every couple funds the festivities in different ways. Maybe your mom and dad want to pay for every single thing, but, unlike in the past where the bride’s family was expected to foot the whole bill, they’re in no way obligated to now. Grooms’ parents and the couples themselves chip in nearly as often as brides’ parents do. It just depends on your family’s situation. If you’d like your fiancé’s parents’ help, your husband-to-be will need to ask for it — not you, and certainly not your parents. Just remember: Whoever pays gets a say. If you know your mother-in-law will insist on an in-church ceremony if she contributes and you’ve got your heart set on exchanging vows on a sandy beach, you may be happier cutting your guest list than asking her to contribute anything.
Yes, it’s true there are a lot of traditions when it comes to weddings, but things have changed too. Here it is in black and white — those formally set-in-stone rules that just don’t hold up anymore (despite what the ‘rents say).

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12 Ways to Ruin a Wedding

The worst things that wedding guests have actually done (and what you should do instead).

Show Up With a Date Who Wasn’t Invited
If you weren’t allotted a plus-one, there’s probably a reason. Maybe the couple wanted to only invite close friends and family to keep the wedding intimate; maybe the reception space is small; or maybe there were budget restraints (just one extra guest can mean up to $1,000 or even more depending on catering costs and all the other reception perks meant for invited friends and family to enjoy).
Instead: If you feel uncomfortable attending alone, ask the bride or groom whether there are going to be any other singles at the wedding. They’ll get the hint and hopefully seat you next to someone else who’s also going stag.
Totally Ruined Wedding Scale: 5 out of 5

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Going to a wedding? 10 new wedding etiquette rules

For the guests: Share pics of the bride and groom

It’s inevitable that you’ll spread the excitement of your wedding to everyone in your social media network, so follow these rules to avoid a Facebook faux pas when it comes to sharing your wedding day details.

But respect their request if they ask you not to post photos before they do.
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Luxury, drama and new heights in special event trends

All that glimmers and shimmers for 2014 event design.

Gold chairs and linens and mirrored tabletops lend a luxurious aura to this French-themed gala, a 2013 IAA Award of Excellence winning installation for private tent rental. Photo: Mahaffey Fabric Structures

Special event trends constantly challenge event designers to find new ways to show off their best. From thematic design statements to technological advances, these eight trends are the ones to know in 2014:

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Wedding Proposals Gone Wrong!

Not everyone gets their dream proposal. Here, 16 proposals that didn’t go exactly as planned.

Nerves in Dubai

“My fiance flew me to Dubai to meet him with the plan that he would propose there. There were a million romantic times when I thought he was going to do it, but he waited three hours before I got on a plane to go home because he was so nervous! A hotel room was not exactly what I had in mind.” – Roberta Read the rest of this entry »

5 of the Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Ever

Always the center of every wedding is the bride and her dress. So in celebration of all beautiful wedding gowns here are the top five!


5. Grace Kelly’s Iconic $65,000 Helen Rose Gown

We give you permission to forget about your wedding budget (for a bit) and join us in drooling over the most amazing, luxurious and gorgeous wedding dresses money can buy.

The dress that may have inspired Kate Middleton’s now infamous gown was worn by Grace Kelly when she married Prince Rainier in 1956 and is said to have been worth around $8,000. And while that figure may not impress you much, especially after reading about the Duchess’s modern-day version, it reportedly doesn’t include the labor fee for MGM costume designer Helen Rose, who designed the gown. And of course, that was 56 years ago, when $8,000 was more like $65,000.

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Awkward bridesmaid photos

Things that make you go…… HMMMM. Happy New Year everyone and let’s start it off with a good humored article from the knot involving the most abused group at any wedding, Bridesmaids!


Hot tub mania

Don’t let your bridesmaids get caught in these uncomfortable positions — or dresses

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3 themes that shouldn’t inspire your wedding

We can only say…OMG


A ‘Hunger Games’ inspired wedding

Sure, pop culture influences the masses — but a Hunger Games-themed wedding? That’s where we draw the line. Here’s what would happen if our movie and TV series inspired a wedding.

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