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Luxury, drama and new heights in special event trends

All that glimmers and shimmers for 2014 event design.

Gold chairs and linens and mirrored tabletops lend a luxurious aura to this French-themed gala, a 2013 IAA Award of Excellence winning installation for private tent rental. Photo: Mahaffey Fabric Structures

Special event trends constantly challenge event designers to find new ways to show off their best. From thematic design statements to technological advances, these eight trends are the ones to know in 2014:

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Wedding Proposals Gone Wrong!

Not everyone gets their dream proposal. Here, 16 proposals that didn’t go exactly as planned.

Nerves in Dubai

“My fiance flew me to Dubai to meet him with the plan that he would propose there. There were a million romantic times when I thought he was going to do it, but he waited three hours before I got on a plane to go home because he was so nervous! A hotel room was not exactly what I had in mind.” – Roberta Read the rest of this entry »

5 of the Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Ever

Always the center of every wedding is the bride and her dress. So in celebration of all beautiful wedding gowns here are the top five!


5. Grace Kelly’s Iconic $65,000 Helen Rose Gown

We give you permission to forget about your wedding budget (for a bit) and join us in drooling over the most amazing, luxurious and gorgeous wedding dresses money can buy.

The dress that may have inspired Kate Middleton’s now infamous gown was worn by Grace Kelly when she married Prince Rainier in 1956 and is said to have been worth around $8,000. And while that figure may not impress you much, especially after reading about the Duchess’s modern-day version, it reportedly doesn’t include the labor fee for MGM costume designer Helen Rose, who designed the gown. And of course, that was 56 years ago, when $8,000 was more like $65,000.

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Awkward bridesmaid photos

Things that make you go…… HMMMM. Happy New Year everyone and let’s start it off with a good humored article from the knot involving the most abused group at any wedding, Bridesmaids!


Hot tub mania

Don’t let your bridesmaids get caught in these uncomfortable positions — or dresses

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3 themes that shouldn’t inspire your wedding

We can only say…OMG


A ‘Hunger Games’ inspired wedding

Sure, pop culture influences the masses — but a Hunger Games-themed wedding? That’s where we draw the line. Here’s what would happen if our movie and TV series inspired a wedding.

Channel the ‘Hunger Games’ with a “May the odds be ever in your favor” calligraphy cake, crafted with sugar-made flames and a gold mockingjay. Read the rest of this entry »

8 hot winter wedding trends for 2014


Split-shank stunner

Want a classic round stone but an extra special setting? These stunning rings are not your average solitaire.

A split-shank, pavé band means you get double the diamonds.


Bow-inspired setting

Layers upon layers of diamond bows make this engagement ring extra special.


Square-band solitaire

We don’t know what is more eye-catching–the fact that the band is square-shaped or that it’s encrusted with diamonds.


Blooming diamond halo

A giant halo setting gives this ring a floral vibe.


Intricate antique-inspired ring

A three-prong band with milgrain details looks delicate yet elaborate.


A hint of rose gold

Mixing metals is one of our favorite trends. Just a touch of rose gold makes this ring really stand out.


Ribbon-like band

Having a split band is one (stunning!) way to spice up a solitaire.

8 hot winter wedding trends for 2014

As always the knot has some of the best advice articles on the web and this one is no different. With the winter wedding season in high gear we thought we would share this article with you and hope it triggers some unique ideas for your winter wedding. We would like to hear from brides of winter wedding gone by. What you feel worked and what may have not. Any special changes tied to your winter wedding that you overcame or any advice in general that would help our future winter wedding brides and grooms.


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There’s nothing quite like a wedding reception in a tent, with its uniquely informal atmosphere, customized decor and proximity to the elements outdoors.

Weddings and receptions with an outdoor component are incredibly popular in the warm months, with a tent considered de rigueur for such events considering the fickleness of nature. And, with larger, more sophisticated tent structures boasting such comforts as built-in heating, tent receptions are even taking hold in the colder seasons as well.

Yet tents are so much more than simply shelter. With the naturally soft light created by their white walls and the often-creative lighting schemes within, many wedding photojournalists tend to love tent receptions for their natural intimacy, picture-friendly conditions and creative possibilities. Read the rest of this entry »

A Gift of Love from Beyond

agift1Here is a touching story of love from a grandmother and whether or not you believe in such things I think everyone will enjoy this story. So who says special things don’t happen under a tent?

A Gift of Love from Beyond

An unexpected find makes a family wedding even more special.

By Sophy Burnham

As my friend Meg was driving to her niece’s wedding, she realized her mother would have been 80 years old on this day, had she lived. Meg was filled with loss and grief. My friend is deeply spiritual, sensitive, intuitive. She knew it was silly, but she wished for a sign that the spirit of her mother was at the wedding, watching her grandchild’s big day. I don’t know if she prayed for it, but the longing certainly was there. Read the rest of this entry »

Top Five Reasons to Have a Thanksgiving Wedding


When women fantasize about their dream weddings, they often conjure up images of summertime bliss. Flowers, sunshine, warm weather, family and friends are the most popular icons where weddings are concerned. But ask any June bride, and she’ll tell you that summer weddings can present all sorts of unforeseen obstacles. Any time of year will be a special time for the bride and groom. But there are some definite benefits to planning your wedding around Thanksgiving. Read the rest of this entry »