Wedding Planning: Easter Wedding Theme Ideas


We are woken at dawn by the twittering of birds; each tiny voice raised to celebrate the arrival of spring and the immanent call of the alarm clock! Delicate flowers spread sweet perfume in the fresh, crisp air and soft green buds gently unfold to clothe the naked trees. Love is in the air and the world is coming alive again after the dreary days of winter. Churches are bedecked with flowers for Eastertide and excited children search for chocolate eggs hidden by the Easter bunnies. Could there be a better moment to marry? And could there be a more perfect wedding theme?

From spring flowers to Easter Bunnies, from yellow fluffy chicks to Chocolate Easter eggs, here are lots of stylish and fun ideas to include in your wedding arrangements. Yellows, creams and whites would form the basis of an Easter wedding. Introducing a touch of fresh spring green for contrast. A hint of blue would bring a reminder of the clear blue skies of summer that will soon arrive. So give your wedding an Easter theme!

The church will already be filled with flowers for Easter, a definite plus for brides on a tight budget. The simple addition of a few personal touches and your venue will look wonderful.

Easter is considered the transitional time between winter and spring.  Pastels are most often associated with Easter and with spring in general.  Some brides choose to have each of their attendants wear a different pastel dress but all made of the same fabric and in the same style.  Others choose one favorite pastel and go with that.

For decorations, think spring flowers, particularly bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils.  Tulips are a bit delicate, but they can be used to create lovely hand-tied bouquets with the stems wrapped in ribbon to match the attendants’ dresses.  If you like an informal look, pussy willows are in “bloom” in spring and they can be used to fill baskets or flower merchant tins.  Plants such as pansies and primroses are readily available and they can be used for centerpieces on tables.  Easter lilies are also abundant, but they are quite fragrant and may cause allergic reactions.

For favors, you might consider small chocolate Easter bunnies or other Easter candies.  You can also place dishes of Easter candies on the tables. 

If your wedding will be fairly formal, I would have the attendants all in matching gowns in one pastel color and use roses, tulips, or lilies for the bouquets. 

One thing to be aware of is that not all churches will allow a wedding to be performed the day before Easter, since the days from Thursday evening (when Christ was betrayed) until Sunday morning (when He rose from the dead) are considered holy days.  Therefore, you may have to have your wedding at some other location.